Turistička organizacija opštine Bačka Topola

Hotel Biser

Pannonia is an oasis of peace and quiet, with lots of greenery, space for walking and recreation. It is ideal for vacations, for couples, for families with children, for athletes and recreationists. Hotel Biser has 18 rooms and one suite. The total capacity is 45 beds. The large restaurant hall with a capacity of 200 seats is ideal for all types of celebrations. The stone hall with a capacity of 30 people is suitable for smaller gatherings, family lunches or business meetings.

The kitchen with local specialties has always been considered the best in the area. Kaštel-Odisa in the spirit of old times. With its authentic appearance, it is a great attraction for tourists. In addition to its rich history, the castle also offers three halls suitable for many types of celebrations and banquets.

A special attraction is quad bikes that can be driven on well-maintained trails in the wider area of Pannonia, as well as the Lake – In addition to its basic function for irrigation, the lake also has other uses. Fishermen can fish, and a part of the beach has been arranged for bathers, where they can swim throughout the summer.