Turistička organizacija opštine Bačka Topola

Art colony

We, the people of Bačka Topola, are proud that the Bačka Topola Art Colony, formed in 1953, was the second art colony in the entire territory of the former Yugoslavia. The Art Colony facility is located on the shore of the Bačkotopol lake, 5 kilometers from the city, above the beautiful and ecologically significant Bećarska Dolina. Thanks to the project for the development of fine arts in the Bačka region within the framework of the IPA cross-border cooperation program, in the spring and summer of 2014. the reconstruction of the Art Colony building was realized.

Visiting the facility is possible by appointment.

The building has eight double rooms with bathrooms, kitchenettes, and one multifunctional hall that can be used as a lecture hall, exhibitions, or as a dining room. From 2018 the facility can also be used for tourist purposes.

Far from the city and noise, in a beautiful natural environment, with rich flora and fauna around it, it is extremely suitable for organizing art colonies and schools in nature.