Turistička organizacija opštine Bačka Topola

“Juhas Erzebet” Library

The collection of the library from Backa Topola and its six branches includes 123,000 titles. In addition to books, it also provides various other information for the needs of the municipality of Bačka Topola, i.e. its approximately 40,000 inhabitants.

The library is located in the center of Backa Topola in the building of the former rabbinate. The building is owned by the Backa Topola Local Community and is maintained with its funds. The library is a budget institution whose founder is the Municipal Self-Government, which takes care of its smooth functioning and the importance of the six-decade-long tradition of librarianship in our community.

In the period between 2003 and 2005, with the help of the founders, the local community and donations, we managed to renovate the interior of the library, including the previously unused attic space. By renovating the attic space, we got a usable area of 220 m², a hall for events with a capacity of 80 people, intended for literary evenings, children’s playrooms, exhibitions and various other cultural events that meet the needs of readers and visitors.

The estate of the writer from Backa Topola, Juhas Eržebet, is also located in the premises intended for the preservation of legacies.

Our institution has had cable internet since 2004, which enables fast service and information for its own needs, as well as elementary and secondary school students and students. We are planning to equip an internet room where users will use computers independently. We hope that such a modern service will help young people to get the desired information as easily and quickly as possible, which would directly affect their stay in the environment they come from.

The library has six branches in the surrounding settlements: Pacir, Stara Moravica, Bajša, Pannonia, Novo Orahovo and Gunaroš. Branches actively participate in all events organized in their settlements.


Bačka Topola: Main street 16.
phone: 024/711-725
e-mail: bibltop@bibltop.org