Turistička organizacija opštine Bačka Topola

Heritage House

In the street Svetosavska No. 19, there is a house whose construction, judging by the year carved on the main beam, dates back to 1843. It is, in fact, virtually the only testament to traditional architecture. Over its nearly 180 years of existence, only minor alterations have been made to the building, so its appearance and function have essentially remained unchanged. It represents a typical Pannonian house with three rooms. The interior decoration dates back to the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Ethnological items found in the house were mostly donated.

In its current form, with the dominant blue and white colors, it slightly stands out from the other traditional houses in Topola. In 1986, the Heritage House acquired its function and became a significant cultural monument of the city, and the Cultural Center endeavors to make it not only a monument but also a place where young people gather for various workshops during the summer break, and where tourists and visitors can refresh themselves and spend pleasant moments in an ethnic environment. On one hand, we strive to facilitate the organization of diverse programs, and on the other hand, we aim to secure as much funding as possible for the continuous rehabilitation of the Heritage House.

The facility is available to visitors from spring to autumn, and visits are possible throughout the year by appointment.