Turistička organizacija opštine Bačka Topola

Zobnatica and Zobnatica lake

Zobnatica is located 5 km north of Bačka Topola. It is a tourist and congress complex with a long tradition and a diverse offer. Every day, it provides plenty of ideal content for lovers of preserved nature, hunting, fishing and, of course, horses. Zobnatica is the center of horse breeding and equestrian sports. It is known for its stud farm with a tradition of breeding thoroughbred horses spanning over two hundred years.

Visitors are offered tourist horseback riding, riding school, carriage ride. A hippodrome with a covered paddock is located next to the stable. Guests can also visit the unique equestrian museum built in the shape of a hoof and the former castle of the Törley family, which today has been converted into a hotel. In addition to the Kastel Hotel, which is a cultural asset, there is also a four-star hotel “Miznah” in Zobnatica, which has a congress center and a spa center.

Zobnatica Lake was formed in 1976 in the valley of the Krivaja river, covering an area of ​​226 hectares and stretching about 5 km in length. In recent years, the lake has become a true tourist gem of Bačka Topola, especially during the summer period. Visitors can enjoy a developed beach, sports fields, and cafes. The organized beach also provides natural shade.

The lake is part of the Bačkotopolska Valley Nature Park.

Zobnatica is a tourist complex with a long tradition and a diverse range of attractions, offering tranquility, intimacy, and peace. You can enjoy tourist horseback riding, a riding school, carriage rides, and there is also a racetrack with a covered riding arena located next to the stud farm.

Don’t miss the unique Equestrian Museum built in the shape of a horseshoe, an art gallery, and the former Terlei (Törley) family castle, which has been transformed into a beautiful hotel.

In addition to various activities, you can relax in the spa center of the “Miznah” hotel, which offers a sauna combined with a salt room, showers, and a gym.